Radiant Healthcare Solutions



The base module would include:
  • Intranet with LDAP active directory security
  • Radiologist actual signed real-time RVU and target during the shift
  • Practice's RVU total and target for the day
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Integration with select scheduling software
  • User interface to cross reference and maintain exam codes
  • User interface to maintain/add facilities and radiologists
  • User interface for shift maintenance as well as shift and practice targets
  • Flash messaging on the intranet

pReVu - Predictive Schedule

Tech QA and Mammo Tech QA

Tech QA is the feedback mechanism for a modern day radiology department. Tech QA is a simple yet customizable evaluation tool that allow the radiologist to quickly rate imaging exams and technologist performance.  Some of the elements technologists are rated on include:

  • Relevant, through history
  • Proper imaging protocal performed
  • Image quality related to positioning and technique  

Report QA

Report turn-around time is a critical component in any radiology quality program.  Report addendums are no different.  The sooner the final report is received, the sooner the patient can be cared for.  Radiant's Report QA an cut the addendum turn-around time in half by automatically sending the request to a radiologist's dashboard within a few minutes of being dictated if an error is found.  In most cases, the Radiant team can integrate with the existing voice recognition software.  This integration allows for a more seamless process.

Code 530

This custom module monitors the active studies awaiting to be read and if the work exceeds a pre-defined threshold sends out a request asking all radiologists to stay late to help get caught up.  This process happens in 2 stages.  The first stage happens in the early afternoon and sends the initial request.  The second stage occurs closer to the end of the normal shift.  If the workload has fallen back below the established threshold the system sends a cancel notification to the radiologists letting them know the workload no longer requires them to stay late.

Rad QA

Code Critical / Significant Findings

The Code Critical module monitors reports real-time for certain key words indicating a critical, significant or incidental findings. If this occurs, an incident is written into the database and it appears within a user interface. This allows the ability to track the notification as well as reporting indication to track. Custom integration is available to interface with a call center.

STAT Tracker

STAT Tracker is a real-time view of all completed and unread view of STATs across all systems. This would require an order’s feed and will provide the ability to track and comment on why a STAT has not been read.

Rad Path Correlation

The ability to track radiologist findings for prostate, thyroid, liver, breast and lung cancer screening and correlate the pathology result to demonstrate radiologist accuracy.

Custom Work